How to appreciate rum ?

Rum is one of the most popular and appreciated spirits in the world. Due to its wide variety, it is possible to taste rums with unique characteristics and flavors. Enjoying rum requires some knowledge of the different styles of rum, how it is produced and the aging process. But with a little practice and patience, anyone can perfectly enjoy this beverage with pleasure and take full advantage of its taste and texture. In this article, we will explain how to enjoy rum at its best to get all the flavors and enjoy the moment.

What is the best way to taste rum?

Tasting rum can be a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. It is important to know how to enjoy rum in order to get the best of the aromas and flavors it contains. The first thing to do is to pour the rum into an appropriate glass, such as a cognac or port glass, to allow the liquid to breathe and release its aromas. Once filled, it is advisable to let it sit for a few minutes so that all the aromas are fully released. After that, you can taste and take your time to fully enjoy the rum and its subtle notes. This allows you to appreciate every detail of the rum's flavors and aromas.

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What are the different types of rum?

Rums are spirits appreciated for their variety and flavors. There are different types of rums, including white, amber and old rums. To enjoy the full aromatic and taste of rums, it is important to take the time to enjoy your glass and to soak up its unique taste. First taste it dry: it is always preferable to taste a rum at room temperature so that all the aromas are perceived. Then add a little water to bring out a greater variety of subtle aromas. Finally, with or without ice according to your preferences, enjoy this unique moment!

What are the criteria for choosing a good rum?

When choosing a quality rum, it is important to consider several criteria. First of all, it is essential to take a look at the label to verify the origin and age of the rum. Then, the nose and the aromas are important indicators to evaluate the quality of the product. It is therefore advisable to use a glass adapted to the tasting to appreciate the subtle flavors. Finally, attention must be paid to the taste and texture which are the keys to identify a good bottle.

What gives rum its color?

Rum is a spirit produced from the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane juice. Its color is one of the characteristics that make it a very popular spirit. The color of rum is the result of a complex process, including the age and type of barrel used for maturation. European oak barrels, for example, give rum a darker color than mahogany or white wood barrels. To appreciate a rum, it is important to observe its color before tasting it. Indeed, it allows to have an idea of its taste and its aroma thanks to what is called visual chromatography. To carry out this study, you will simply have to illuminate your bottle with a light source and observe the nuances present on its interior walls to determine its color.

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Where is the best place to buy rum?

The next step in rum appreciation is choosing the best place to buy it. The variety and quality of rums available can be surprising. It is important to find a store that sells a selection of premium rums, especially white rum, which is considered the purest and smoothest of rums. In addition, it is advisable to choose a store that offers professional assistance and expert advice on tasting and food pairing. Once you've found a good store to buy rum from, you're ready to begin your taste journey to this flavor-rich spirit.


In conclusion, enjoying rum can be a very rewarding activity. It is important to understand the different characteristics of rums and to make sure that the rum you choose suits your taste. In addition, taking the time to taste and enjoy a good rum can help one develop a knowledge and love of rum.

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