How to contact a pound in Lyon: numbers to know

Looking for the right number to contact a pound in Lyon? In this article, we've put together a practical guide to help you contact the right service quickly and get all the information you need. We'll also cover a few tips on what to do if your vehicle is impounded.

The general directory assistance number

When it comes to obtaining information by telephone, the first reflex is often to dial 118 (pay service), a national telephone directory that can put you in touch with the service you're looking for. However, it is also possible to consult online directories free of charge, or simply use one of the many search engines available.

Key contact numbers

  • To find out the number of a particular pound: consult the online yellow pages, search engines such as Google or Bing, or specialized applications for geolocating public services.
  • For general information about the pound : Try the Lyon city hall or Rhône prefecture websites, which often have a section dedicated to parking and vehicle removal issues.
  • In case of dispute or emergency : contact the police or the police station responsible for the place where your vehicle has been taken, or contact a legal advisor who will be able to guide you.
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Lyon municipal pound: information and useful numbers

As in most major French cities, Lyon's pound services are managed by local authoritiesThese are the town hall and the prefecture. For general information about impounding a vehicle, or where to pick it up, we recommend that you contact these authorities directly.

Please note that these organizations can only answer questions concerning family parking regulations and not those relating to a specific impoundment situation.

In this case, when you're faced with a personal situation such as finding an impounded vehicle, it makes sense to use a dedicated service that will give you access to more precise information. However, here is some useful information to help you get started:

  1. Find the address : There are several impound facilities in and around Lyon. When you're looking for your towed vehicle, it's important to know the exact location so you don't waste any time. You can visit the city council website or consult a directory.
  2. Identify the title : before taking any steps to recover your impounded vehicle, make sure you have the necessary documents (vehicle registration document, driver's license and insurance certificate) to prove that the vehicle belongs to you.
  3. Find out about fees : The city of Lyon has a regulated fee schedule for impoundment services. It is therefore possible to know in advance the costs you will have to pay. This information is generally available on the Lyon city council website.
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Why contact a pound in Lyon?

There are several reasons why you should contact a pound in Lyon:

  • Check if your vehicle has been impounded: if your car has been towed away, chances are it's in an impound lot. The reasons for removal can be many and varied (illegal parking, failure to comply with successive parking rules), or if it has been placed at the request of the forces of law and order.
  • Vehicle recovery : if your vehicle has indeed been impounded, you'll need to go to the appropriate office to collect it. You will then have a maximum of 30 days in which to do so, before legal proceedings are initiated, which may result in the vehicle's destruction.
  • Settling a dispute : in the event of disagreement over whether your vehicle should be impounded, you can try to resolve the problem directly with the impound facility concerned or, if necessary, contact a legal advisor to assist you in this process.

In short, knowing the right phone number and how to contact an impound lot in Lyon is essential for anyone with a vehicle likely to be confronted with parking problems in this city. Arm yourself with the necessary information and follow the rules in force to avoid unpleasant situations.

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