How to rent a storage space?

How to protect your clothes from humidity?

How do you keep clothes dry?

  • 1 - Lay out the laundry in a ventilated area exposed to the sun...
  • 2 - Store your clothes in waterproof packaging. ...
  • 3 - Measure the humidity level in your room or closet with a hygrometer. ...
  • 4 - Use a moisture absorber

What absorbs moisture? Coarse table salt is great for absorbing moisture. Put a few tablespoons of coarse salt in a cup and put it in the damp room or closet.

How to get rid of moisture in cabinets?

To combat humidity, place a few cups or bottles containing coarse salt. This will absorb all the moisture in the cupboard. Tip: remember to change the coarse salt regularly (every two weeks).

How to remove mold in the closet?

You can combat the musty smell inside the cupboard by placing a cup of boiling milk on each shelf; to make it work, close the cupboard doors and leave the milk inside for at least 12 hours.

How to avoid humidity in a cupboard?

Rice also has a strong capacity to absorb moisture. Placed in a closet, it will effectively help to clean the air in the room. Simply place small woven bags of rice here and there in closets and cupboards. You can also put cups full of rice in the cupboards.

How to store clothes in a garage?

Clothes If you can't help but store laundry in the garage, you should provide sturdy, airtight containers with lids that seal tightly to prevent rodents from moving in and destroying the containers and their contents.

Where to store clothes?

Store your clothes in the basement or attic Often more difficult to access and completely invisible, the attic - like the basement - can be the perfect place to store your summer stuff. Divide them into categories, in boxes or plastic lids.

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How do you store clothes in a damp place?

To best protect clothes (like my ski clothes that I keep in the basement until the season), I store them in airtight boxes that, as their name implies, don't let air in, and comforters or pillows in suitcases with the vacuum cleaner. packed.

Where to keep my furniture?

The solution for the storage of furniture The most common solution to store your personal belongings for a long time is the furniture repository: it is a warehouse of wooden or metal containers from 6 to 12 m3 that are made available to individuals or companies to store furniture there.

What is the average price of a storage unit? The average cost of a unitary container is estimated at 50 €/month and corresponds to a use often limited to a few pieces of furniture or objects, that is to say a surface generally lower than 5 square meters.

How to store furniture?

To protect your furniture from dust and moisture, you should cover it with a removable blanket, cloth cover or sheet. Plastic covers should be avoided, as they are not breathable and, with condensation, your furniture can become moldy during storage.

How to preserve a piece of furniture?

Place disassembled wooden furniture vertically or horizontally to avoid distortion. Place heavy objects on the floor, not on chairs or armchairs, to avoid distortion. Place strong, heavy boxes at the bottom of the stack and lighter boxes on top.

Which Cloud?

Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive have the advantage of being perfectly optimized for the respective OS (Android, iOS/macOS and Windows) with, among other things, a drive and synchronization functions implemented natively in the system.

Which cloud is the most secure? Google Drive: the most powerful and comprehensive. With over a billion users worldwide, Google Drive has become an indispensable cloud service for individuals and businesses. The behemoth does more and better than most of its competitors, but privacy is not its strong point...

What is the best personal cloud?

The best online storage services (in 2022): Google Drive. A guide. Dropbox. Mega.

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What is the best free cloud?

In summary, the top 6 free clouds in 2022 are: Google Drive (15 GB) OneDrive (5 GB) Mega (50 GB) Dropbox (2 GB)

What is the best cloud service?

1) pCloud: the cloud reference. After several weeks of testing, pCloud is, in our opinion, the best online storage service. pCloud has been offering an online storage service since 2013. Despite its young age, the Swiss company has already convinced over 15 million users worldwide.

How to choose cloud?

Google Drive and MEGA are the most generous with 15 GB of storage (excluding rewards and promotions), ahead of Box and pCloud both offering 10 GB. ICloud and OneDrive accounts offer 5 GB, while Dropbox accounts are still limited even with only 2 GB.

Which cloud is used?

Google, Skydrive, Orange Cloud, Dropbox and others are available in iOS and Android compatible apps to install on your smartphone or tablet. So you can also consult your Google Drive on iPhone, or your Skydrive on an Android device...

What is the most secure cloud?

If pCloud takes the first place in this ranking of the best clouds, it is also because it takes the security of its subscribers seriously. Indeed, AES-256 encryption is applied to all your files during the transfer to pCloud servers and even afterwards.

What is the best free cloud?

In summary, the top 6 free clouds in 2022 are: Google Drive (15 GB) OneDrive (5 GB) Mega (50 GB) Dropbox (2 GB)

Where to store your boxes ?

The best solution remains the storage box. Secured, accessible free of charge 24/7 thanks to a personal access code, the container allows you to store all your personal belongings for the duration of your choice.

How to store empty cartons? To protect your cardboard storage, you should choose a storage facility that protects against moisture. Otherwise, your cartons may swell and lose their hardness. The appropriate humidity level for your cartons is between 40% and 70%.

How to stack boxes?

To stack your boxes properly, make piles of identical boxes. Heavy boxes at the base of the glove box and lighter ones on top. Avoid placing heavy boxes on sofas and mattresses.

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How to store dishes in a box?

To minimize the risk of electrocution, place a bath or kitchen towel in the bottom of the box. Then start by placing the larger pieces of dishes and then the smaller ones on top.

How to store the boxes?

The art of cleverly storing your moving boxes To ensure that your belongings do not suffer, avoid storing your moving boxes in damp or poorly insulated environments. Stack your boxes starting with the heaviest and ending with the lightest and most fragile.

How to store books in a box?

Remember to place the heaviest and largest books at the bottom of the boxes. Never store books upright. If possible, make a list with the titles of the books you intend to archive, writing directly on the boxes or taping the paper to the outside of the box.

How to protect books from humidity?

Prevention consists in keeping the library free of humidity by covering the bottom, for example, with a parquet floor with perfectly fitting panels, or by making sure that the walls do not ooze. Respect the temperature (between 16 and 25°C). It is necessary to air the room as soon as the weather is good.

How to store books?

Proper arrangement and storage of books involves placing them in a thick box (taped shut with brown tape) or a metal or plastic canteen. For optimal preservation of books, keep them away from heat sources (radiator, pipe...).

Where to store my photos?

Google Photos is free and can be installed on an Android smartphone such as an iPhone, an Apple or Android tablet, a Mac computer or a PC. Google Photos collects images on each device, then automatically aggregates them into a huge online gallery.

What is the best medium for photo backup? Good old HDDs are still the most economical way to back up your photos. Sure, they're more fragile and have a limited shelf life, but there's little chance of your 2 drives falling out on the same day.

How to store furniture in a garage?

To protect your furniture from dust and moisture, you should cover it with a removable blanket, cloth cover or sheet. Plastic covers should be avoided, as they are not breathable and, with condensation, your furniture can become moldy during storage.

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