A practical guide to choosing an original funeral plaque on a budget

At the difficult time of losing a loved one, it's often difficult to deal with the practical aspects. However, it's essential to consider the wishes of the deceased, particularly when it comes to choosing a funeral plaque that matches his or her personality and respects your budget. This article guides you step by step through the selection process and gives you all the keys you need to find the perfect plaque at an attractive price.

Identifying your needs: what type of funeral plaque should you choose?

First and foremost, you need to think about the type of plate you want. There are two main categories:

  • Standardized plates : Available in classic rectangular or oval shapes, they are very affordable in terms of cost, but can lack originality.
  • Custom plaques : Made-to-measure, they are more expensive, but offer total freedom in terms of design and personalization options (photo, text, shape).

The final decision will depend on your desires, as well as the budget allocated to this purchase.

Choosing the right material for your funeral plaque

Once you've decided on the plate style, you'll need to choose the material, which can influence both its appearance and durability:

  • Granite: sturdy and weather-resistant, it offers longevity and a wide choice of colors. And it's generally affordable.
  • Natural stone: Available in the form of marble or slate in particular, it offers an aesthetically pleasing finish (polished, smooth), but tends to erode over time. Natural stone slabs can be more expensive.
  • Glass: Glass is a modern, elegant material that can be used in a wide variety of designs, including 3D. However, glass's fragility and high cost can act as a brake on its use.
  • Plexiglas : Less expensive than glass, yet highly resistant, it lends itself particularly well to personalized engravings, including photos. It also allows great freedom in the choice of shapes and colors for the plate.
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Metal funeral plaques are available in bronze, brass or aluminum. They offer a shiny appearance, but are susceptible to tarnishing over time.

Compare prices before taking the plunge

To find the right original funeral plaque at the right price, compare the various options offered by marble masons. You can ask for non-binding quotes to get a better idea of what's on offer and how much you'll have to pay.

What's more, some marble shops offer special promotions or discontinued models, which can be an interesting way of reducing the cost of your purchase. So don't hesitate to visit several websites and/or physical stores, as the search is often worthwhile. And don't forget to ask about the payment facilities offered by certain craftsmen: this can make your choice more accessible.

Tips for personalizing your funeral plaque on a budget

If you've opted for a personalized plaque, there are a number of tricks you can use to minimize additional costs:

  1. Versatile white chair - Choose a simple, geometric shape (square, rectangular, round...) with a beveled edge rather than a complex, elaborate one (heart, angel, flower...). The simplest shapes are generally less expensive to make.
  2. Play with size: Opt for a small plate to keep overall costs down.
  3. Select a single engraving : If possible, choose an engraving that doesn't evoke too many details to reproduce, which is synonymous with lower production costs. For example, prefer an arrow motif to a cloud motif.
  4. Choose a black and white photo: If you wish to add a portrait or image of the deceased, black and white photos are generally less expensive to print on the plate than a color photo.
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Finally, don't forget that even with limited personalization options for budgetary reasons, it's still possible to express your affection for the deceased with a few heartfelt words engraved on the funeral plaque. Your loved ones will appreciate this special attention.

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