Which Somfy roller shutter motor?

The Somfy roller shutter motor is a motorization system that allows you to control your shutters and awnings with a simple push of a button or with a remote control. The Somfy motor offers a simple and effective solution to control the exposure level of shutters and awnings to maintain good thermal protection while enjoying the sun's rays. Plus, they are easy to install and offer enhanced security, making them perfect for modern homes. In this article, we'll look at some of the main benefits of the Somfy roller shutter motor and how it can improve the quality of your home.

What is the guarantee of a Somfy motor for a roller shutter?

Somfy roller shutter motors offer a full product warranty and come with installation kits. The motors are designed to operate safely and with a long service life. The motor is designed for quick installation and can be used with a dimmer or timer, allowing for customization of the roller shutter. Somfy motors are manufactured to the highest European standards and are available in stock for all our roller shutters.

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How to install a Somfy motor for a roller shutter?

Installing a Somfy motor for a roller shutter is within everyone's reach. You can buy a complete kit including the motor, the receiver and the remote control at an affordable price. Installation is very simple and requires no special tools. To begin, start by attaching the motor to the shutter rails and connecting the electrical cables to the receiver. Once this step is completed, you only need to program the remote control to control your Somfy motor remotely.

What are the advantages of a Somfy motor for a roller shutter?

Roller shutters equipped with a Somfy motor are very practical solutions for adding a touch of comfort to your home. They offer a variety of benefits, including easy installation, low energy consumption and a host of additional features. Plus, they provide your home with an extra level of security and protection against theft. With Somfy motors, you can open or close roller shutters remotely and customize their speed so that the shutter moves smoothly. You can also program your roller shutter to automatically raise and lower based on the time of day or season, reducing energy consumption and maximizing inventory protection.

What is the price of a Somfy motor for a roller shutter?

The Somfy roller shutter motor is a very convenient and easy-to-install device, offering smooth and quiet running. It is available at an affordable price, making it a great option for those who want to motorize their roller shutters. It has a powerful motor that offers maximum performance and an optimal level of silence. The Somfy motor has been designed to ensure the security of your home against intrusion and theft, thanks to its innovative technology and exceptional robustness. In addition, it is very economical because it consumes little energy and can therefore save you money on your energy bill.

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Are there any additional accessories compatible with Somfy roller shutter motors?

Somfy roller shutter motors offer a variety of additional accessories to enhance and personalize your experience. These accessories include adapters, occupancy sensors, remote controls, and remote controllers to make your roller shutters easier to operate. Motors can be equipped with a stop-and-go system or a programming system that allows users to program their closing and opening levels directly on the motor. Prices vary depending on the model and product specifications, but these accessories can be purchased at a reasonable price, so you can take full advantage of the convenience offered by Somfy roller shutter motors.


Somfy technology is one of the most advanced and best on the market, offering a wide variety of motors for roller shutters. Whatever your need, whether it's reliability, efficiency or connectivity, you'll find a product that meets all your needs. Somfy motors therefore offer an integrated solution for modern, intelligent systems that are always evolving and can be customized to your tastes and preferences.

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